About Us

About Language Dean

We Make Interpretation Easy.

Language Dean is a robust translation business in India specializing in multilingual translations. The company was incepted in 2012 with genuine translation services.

The founder Dr. Devendra Goswami & Dr. Anjali Rami, and CEO - Rashmi Goswami aimed to build an organization that overcomes the language barrier. Devendra's journey was not unique yet not so common. In 2012, India was struggling with the language barrier; though many online tools were invented, the restriction was still there. And he grabbed the challenge as an opportunity and, with an intelligent strategy, connected with various people who had a strong command of their natural language. Connecting roots with several linguistic cultures was not an easy route. Initially, the company started with a few language translation services. Now we offer more than 200 language translation services, and we have a team of more than 2000 professionals. That is how he started building the empire.

After working with almost all industries worldwide, we are now stepping into a new service: speech data collection. We offer various Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Collection services that create value for AI & Machine learning technology to many organizations and industries.

We have not ended here; we are still growing and striving to add more services to serve industries that play a role in communication and technology.

Our Aim

We want to break the barrier of language restrictions and help new inventions through speech data collection.


We are on the mission to cover almost all languages still uncovered in translation and speech recognization.