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Language Dean is a well-known, professional linguistic service provider. Our translators are fluent in more than 200 languages and can provide high-quality translations promptly. On top of that, practically every industry benefits from our support of the worldwide business cycle. If you need legal, marketing, or another kind of translation, we'll do all to provide precisely what you need.

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Type of Translations We Do

We bridge the gap between communication & Technology.

Language Dean offers various linguistic translation services.

Translation Service

As a language service provider, we are pleased to provide a wide range of translation services to our highly skilled staff of over 2000 professional linguists who translate into their native languages.

Transcription Service

Language Dean offers cost-effective and high-quality transcribing services to meet your tight deadlines yet not break the bank! If you're interested to know more about our wide selection of assistance, please contact us now.

Transcreation Service

From a specific perspective, transcreation is the pinnacle of translation. We translate content from one language to multiple, resulting in an entirely new text written in the target language. At Language Dean, we strive to provide high-quality translations while maintaining the original sense of the text. Now that you've requested a quotation, we'll handle the rest.

Interpretation Service

If you want to hire our qualified interpreter, call Language Dean immediately! Our skilled interpreters strive to give a high level of service in each language they have asked to translate into. Our language services offer conference interpreters and other types of interpreters as needed.


Five Steps to Ensure High-Quality Product

A guarantee has backed our translations for the project's duration. With our five-step quality assurance process, we're confident in the accuracy of every translation.

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Accredited Member

We are a member of the Language Dean Translators Company, the largest global association of translators and interpreters. We are always ready to offer the most professional translation services with accuracy.

Available for you 24/7

Count on us to meet your deadlines. The acquainted people at our company will respond to you within 10 minutes or less - whether it's 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or on any given day of the year.

Guaranteed USCIS Acceptance

We provide mirror-image certified translations with USCIS acceptance guaranteed. We handle the certification process for free. Additionally, we can provide any appropriate translation along with the affidavit.