Build superior AI solutions with high-quality speech data collection services.

Language dean comes into play as a data connection service provider that prides itself on performing the hard work for your sophisticated AIs. There is nothing generic about an intelligent NLP system. Depending on the program's capabilities, spatial and multilingual audio data services may be required, which can only be provided by reputable voice/audio data-gathering firms.

The language dean's primary goal is to provide models with as many bespoke speech samples as possible in the shortest amount of time.

With our help, you may anticipate the following:

  • Audio and speech data curation for NLP
  • Tailored Algorithms that specific use cases
  • Getting ready for audio dataset mining
  • Data processing based on patterns and automation
  • Domain specificity to the greatest extent possible
  • With accelerated AI models, you can go to market faster.

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Type of Speech Data Collection We Do

Prepare Smart NLP Models by Aligning Audio Data

Language dean provides end-to-end speech data collection services in over 100 languages, facilitating voice-enabled solutions to reach global consumers. We work on projects ranging from licensing commercial audio datasets to managing custom audio data collection, transcription, and annotation, which are possible. However, of the size of your project, we can tailor our audio collection services to target dialects, tones, and languages. Use our voice-enabled intelligent installations speech datasets and audio data collecting services.

Let's look into our range of speech data collection:

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Collection

We use state-of-the-art varied speech/audio datasets from a broad range of demographics to improve the accuracy of your automated speech recognition systems (ASR) with the help of our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Collection services.

Speech Data Collection for Smart AIs

At Language dean, get natural utterance speech data collection for your speech recognization engine. We can record your script in various languages, speaker sizes, utterances, age ranges, and gender distributions.

Scripted Speech Data Collection

The most regulated kind of speech data is scripted speech data. Here, our experts can record specific utterances from a script. Our experts record scripted speech data that often contains voice instructions, wake words, or a mix of the two for speech recognition.

Scenario-Based Speech Data Collection

Scenario-based speech data is a natural language collection in which speakers have requested to create their voice commands based on a supplied scenario. At Language Dean, our experts have years of experience in this job. So without delay, call us to share your requirements.

Unscripted or Conversational Speech Data Collection

We offer the most natural form of speech with outstanding Unscripted or Conversational Speech Data Collection services. In this service, we provide data that contains two or more speakers' conversations. Our collected data helps to add more realistic dimensions to AI. Ready to hire us?

Text and Audio Corpus Collection

Large text and audio corpus have required additional ASR applications like language identification. Unlike above, natural speech from non-controlled contexts has desired. In this situation, we may gather text and audio data based on language, speaker count, duration, and topic matter (legal, editorial, scientific research, social media, etc.). Contact us with your criteria and give us a go!

Natural Language Utterance Collection

For AIs to become more autonomous in the future, train intelligent commercial setups to recognize expressly stated client terms with similar meanings by Natural Language Utterance Collection services. We are ready to grab the opportunity to work on your data collection project.

Multilingual Speech/Audio Training Data Collection

Our multilingual speech training data is available in a variety of languages and dialects, including Arabic, Danish, Chinese, Afrikaans, Singapore, New Zealand, Hebrew, Indonesian, Irish, Korean, Malay, Polish, Scottish, Swedish, French, German, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Spanish, and others. In which language do you need our data collection services?

Text-to-Speech (TTS) Collection

We know it is vital to build a system that sounds natural to provide a better user experience using TTS. We create a text-to-speech (TTS) multilingual model with the assistance of our worldwide workforce, which will assist you in collecting voice data in 180+ languages and dialects to boost your AI models ranging from in-car controls to chatbots and learning solutions with high-quality audio data.

How is Voice data collection essential for you?

Have you ever seen your smartphone's virtual assistants, such as Siri, Bixby, or any other, interact? How they respond to each question, assess, and offer data according to your demands!

As much as we are fascinated by these virtual assistants, these intelligent resources and programs must be progressively educated to respond as accurately as feasible. It would help if you considered outsourcing speech/audio/voice data gathering to specialized data collection companies with proven professional expertise.

Investing in audio data collection enables your NLP to serve a multilingual audience. Voice data collection for NLP also involves in-field collection, semantic analysis, and audio transcription when coordinated by an expert. Professional speech data collection solutions may use to:

  • Obtain high-quality audio datasets to improve accuracy.
  • Configure for a range of circumstances
  • Gather information for multilingual AI training.
  • Scale your machine learning model to match the requirements of different demographics and industries.


We use the agile technique to provide accurate and satisfactory speech data collection services.

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Language Dean understands the requirements of the machine learning process; that is why we provide customized data collection services based on our client's needs. We are ready to listen to your project requirements and want to deliver quality results.

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We offer data collection services with over 100 languages support. We are fast, reliable, and accurate.

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